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ESF goes to space

    Spring 2015

A new and improved experiment took place in May 2015. This time we have used a Raspberry Pi computer with cameras and GPS and a separate radio transmitter. Our team managed to get to 110,000 feet this time. For more coverage check there:
ESF goes to Space website Story

    Spring 2010

The following images showcase the space balloon experiment undertaken in Spring 2010 by our undergraduate students as part of the introductory remote sensing course. Students built their own sensor using a styrofoam box, a GPS-enabled cell phone, two digital cameras, two parachutes and a helium balloon. The flight lasted ~2.5 hours, the maximum altitude was ~90,000 feet and the sensor was recovered ~160 miles away. Four high resolution images taken by our cameras are available below.

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A quick video description of the project is available here.

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