Professor, Dept. of Environmental Resources Engineering, SUNY ESF

Month: March 2017

High urban land consumption linked to lower African American population, higher poverty rate and lower income per capita

Study used satellite data to look at developed land consumption across the continental US. Distinct geographic patterns were identified in terms of developed land consumption per capita. Of particular interest is the that high developed land consumption counties have statistically lower Black/African American population, higher poverty rate and lower income […]

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Forest attrition is higher in the Western US, in public and rural lands

Analysis of satellite data in the 1990s identified that the average distance to forest in the continental US increased by 14% during the 1990s. Further landscape grouping identified higher forest attrition in the Western US and in public and rural lands. Further information:S. Yang, G. Mountrakis (2017). Forest dynamics in […]

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Top15 News Highlights 2017. Feb: NY Times and Washington Post covered our forest attrition work. 2015. May: SUNY ESF Exemplary Researcher Award Announcement 2015. Jan: New grant from NASA to study Grazing Systems in the Altai Mountain Transboundary Zone. 2015. Jan: Associate Editor for the ISPRS journal. 2014. Mar: New […]

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Review of global and regional land cover products

Proliferation of satellite data has resulted in a wide range of large scale land cover products. In this review we discuss characteristics of 21 global and 43 regional land cover products. Further information: G. Grekousis, G. Mountrakis, M. Kavouras (2015). An overview of 21 global and 43 regional land cover […]

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