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Dr. Mountrakis is the Founder of the Intelligent Geocomputing Laboratory in room 107 Baker. The lab currently has eleven high-end workstations. These workstations are devoted towards research activities of graduate students. The workstations have 24” and 30” monitors, dual or quad core cpus, at least 750GB HD capacity and at least 4GB RAM. Workstations are fully equipped with relevant GISc and Remote Sensing software (e.g. ArcGIS, Idrisi, Erdas Imagine, ENVI, Matlab). Students interested in joining our lab can find further information here.

Research Group (January 2017)


Tim Pede

Ph.D.: Energy consumption studies across the U.S.

Sheng Yang

Ph.D.: Spatial indicators expressing national forest dynamics.

Shahriar Heydari

Ph.D.: Deep neural networks in remote sensing

Alyssa Endres

M.Sc.: Climatic and land use effects on global biodiversity

Zhixian Wang

M.Sc.: TBD

Ziqian Wang


Zijian Wang


For more information on current graduate students visit here at the bottom of the page.