GIS and Remote Sensing Journal List with Impact Factors

GIS and Remote Sensing Journal List with Impact Factors

The following list provides impact factors for relevant GIS and Remote Sensing scientific journals.

2011 Impact Factor (5-year Impact Factor) Journal Name

** Remote Sensing

4.57 (5.28) Remote Sensing of Environment
2.89 (3.44) ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
2.90 (3.30) IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
1.74 (2.33) Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
1.56 (1.85) IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters<
1.05 (1.73) Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing
1.49 (1.68) IEEE Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
1.12 (1.62) International Journal of Remote Sensing
1.10 (1.49) The Photogrammetric Record
0.56 (1.08) Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing
0.64 (1.02) GIScience & Remote Sensing
0.70 (0.70) Remote Sensing Letters
0.82 (-) Journal of Applied Remote Sensing
0.29 (-) Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing
- (-) Remote Sensing


** GIS

1.47 (1.85) International Journal of Geographical Information Science
1.93 (?) The Geographical Journal
1.93 (2.12) Geoforum
0.83 (-) Journal of Geographical Sciences
0.50 (0.49) Chinese Geographical Science 
0.54 (?) Transactions in GIS
1.43 (1.71) Computers & Geosciences
0.33 (-) Journal of Spatial Science
1.08 (1.43) International Journal of Digital Earth
1.14 (1.08) GeoInformatica
Journal of Geographical Systems
Geocarto International
Journal of Geographic Information System
Geo-spatial Information Science
Geographical Research
Geography Compass
International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research

Paper discussing impact factor of GIS Journals:
** C. Caron, S. Roche, D. Goyer, A. Jaton (2008). GIScience Journals Ranking and Evaluation: An International Delphi Study, Transactions in GIS, 12(3), pp. 293-321. [pdf]

** Broader Relevance

4.09 (4.54) Public Library of Science One (PLOS One)
3.36 (4.06) Progress in Physical Geography
5.15 ( 6.63) Global Ecology and Biogeography
3.11 (3.17 ) Environmental Modelling & Software
3.25 (3.16) Journal of Environmental Management
1.69 (1.95) Canadian Journal of Forest Research
1.98 (2.11) European Journal of Forest Research
2.49 (2.74) Forest Ecology and Management
1.38 (1.99) Forestry
1.05 (1.43) Forest Science
3.79 (3.76) Geophysical Research Letters
6.86 (8.04) Global Change Biology
3.06 (3.83) Landscape Ecology
31.20 (32.45) Science
11.75 (11.92) Nature Geoscience
2.86 (3.34) Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
2.17 (3.10 ) Landscape and Urban Planning
1.55 (1.89) Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
2.18 (2.48) Neural Networks
2.95 (3.37) IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
4.19 (5.54) Ecography
2.33 (2.71) Ecological Modelling


Please email me for any updates/corrections/additions to this list.


  1. Felicia:

    Hi, Just curious to know why the impact factors for mostly GIS journals are omitted from the list.

  2. admin:

    Quiet a few GIS journals do not have an impact factor due to their specialized content.

  3. Kriti:

    Is this the full list of remote sensing journals?

  4. admin:

    The list contains some of the most popular RS journals. However, due to the interdisciplinary nature of RS, numerous works are published in journals not listed above. Therefore the list is not intented to be exhaustive but instead you should see it as an initial starting point.

  5. Vandita Srivastava:

    I appreciate the effort. as I uderstand, this webpage would have an added value if the list of journals along with their impact factors is made more exhaustive in the RS-GIS-DIP disciplines.
    Best Regards,

  6. admin:

    Vandita, If you would like to provide additional journals I would be happy to list them. Giorgos

  7. List of remote sensing journals « Earth Observation & Remote Sensing Research in Ireland:

    [...] Mountrakis has a very interesting list of RS and GIS journals on his website He ranks by Impact factor and not surprisingly RSof Environment comes top, here are the top five [...]

  8. Naveen:

    International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research

  9. Klaus:

    Thanks for the list
    Here is another:
    Applied Geography

  10. Mahdi:

    Dear Dr. Giorgos Mountrakis
    The above GIS Journals list is a very good one. To make it more applicable, I have come up with some currently Impact Factors:

    Journal of Geographical Systems 1.289
    Geographical Research 0.871

    I think that the other journals, that do not have IF, are not ISI at the moment.

  11. Prabu:

    1. Annual Reviews Marine Science – Impact Factor – 16.457

    2. Annual Reviews Earth and Planetary Sciences – Impact Factor – 7.227

  12. Saeed:

    Dear All,
    As I saw in journal citation report (JCR) and also in Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing (CJRS) website, I couldn’t find any impact factor for 2011!

  13. Mahboob:

    A great list indeed. However, I propose 2 less known but of high quality Remote Sensing journals to include in the list.

    1. Journal of the Indian remote sensing society
    2011 IF= 0.285.

    2. Journal of The Remote Sensing Society of Japan

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